Readmission of Previously Enrolled Students

Previously enrolled students who wish to return to Berea College must reapply through the Office of Admissions. All materials relative to requests for readmission for Summer or Fall terms, including internal processing, must be received by March 31 for Summer or Fall terms and by October 31 for the Spring term. Applications for readmission cannot be processed until all outstanding account balances are paid and loans are current. There is a $50 entrance fee required of returning students. Degree requirements for readmitted students are based on the Catalog of the readmission term. 

Previously withdrawn students may not be enrolled at Berea until one full regular term of attendance has passed after the term in which the withdrawal occurred. Unless otherwise designated at the time of suspension, a student who has been suspended cannot be considered for readmission until the passage of two (2) regular terms of absence.

Readmitted students will return to the College with the same academic, social, and labor standing assigned at the time of departure. If, at the time of withdrawal, the student is not in good standing for financial-aid purposes, said student will be required to submit an appeal in order to be considered for Title IV and state financial-aid programs. Ordinarily, an application for readmission will not be considered in the case of a pending on-campus disciplinary charge and/or hearing until such a case has been adjudicated. (Also see “Financial Aid and Student Accounts” for more information.)

Readmission of Service Members (Veterans)

Students who voluntarily or by order of the U.S. Department of Defense, leave the College prior to earning a degree, spend more than 30 consecutive days in the uniformed services of the United States, and are honorably discharged, are not required to compete for readmission to the College on the basis of academic, financial, or other qualifications—provided they return within a five-year period of time, not longer than three years from the last date of active service, and provided they have left Berea in good academic, social, and labor standing. Furthermore, such students will return to the College with the same academic, social, and labor status assigned at the time of departure. Readmission is not assured in the case of a rule violation charge or pending judicial hearing or when a student has not made satisfactory academic or labor progress toward a degree.

Eligible applicants must provide documentation that confirms dates of service along with readmission application materials. They are entitled to return to the institution as soon as feasible following the date of their completed application for readmission. Service members are not exempt from the requirement that they must resolve any financial obligations prior to the consideration of their application for readmission.

Readmission of Suspended Students

Unless otherwise specified at the time of suspension, suspended students are ineligible to be considered for readmission to Berea College before the passage of two (2) regular terms of absence. During this time, suspended students may not participate in campus activities and should not be on College property except to conduct official business. Students should be aware that readmission is a very competitive process and successful applicants for readmission almost always leave Berea in good standing. However, previously suspended students can improve their chances for readmission by attending another regionally accredited institution and addressing the area of academic challenge encountered at Berea and/or by demonstrating overall academic proficiency or significant achievement in community service or employment.

Courses that have been failed previously at Berea are not eligible for transfer credit back to Berea. All outstanding Student Account balances must be resolved in order to be considered for readmission.